Urban Interventions

Dec 092013
Urban Intervention No. 23

With old-fashioned zebra crossings now an endangered species, why not thank courteous drivers by offering a friendly handshake through the passenger window as you cross?

Jul 012013
Urban Intervention No. 51

On sunny lunchtimes, dress up as a giant duck and then sit by the lake in St James’s Park throwing torn off chunks of Ginsters pasties at tourists.

Nov 192012
Urban Intervention No. 34

Wait until London Zoo has just shut, then stand outside the main entrance dressed as a bear, rattling the gate and tapping an imaginary wristwatch. To make it more convincing, carry an HMV bag in one paw.

Mar 112012
Urban Intervention No. 78

Glue a cheap Woolworths light-switch to each lamp post in your street along with a small printed note saying “Please turn off after use”.

Mar 032012
Urban Intervention No. 56

When boarding a bus, brighten the driver’s day by miming your destination, Give Us A Clue-style. Fellow passengers won’t mind – they’ll enjoy the fun of guessing too.

Feb 222012
Urban Intervention No. 66

When handed a copy of the London Paper, stand beside the vendor folding the pages into paper-hats and offering them to commuters. Every so often, shout “free hats!”

Feb 172012
Urban Intervention No. 67

When you’ve finished with your London Lite, hand it back to the vendor, tell him how much you enjoyed it, and ask him if there’s anything else in a similar vein he’d recommend.

Feb 122012
Urban Intervention No. 31

With the aid of a small folding table, why not set up a stall on Westminster Bridge selling wire sculptures of John Prescott to Japanese tourists?

Feb 072012
Urban Intervention No. 82

Intrigue tourists on the South Bank by leaning a harpoon against the rail and gazing out malevolently across the river. If approached, silently produce a photo of a haddock and then roll up your trouser-leg to reveal a wooden stump (this may require some preparation).

Feb 012012
Urban Intervention No. 43

Find a busy bus stop and then, when a bus has pulled up and the doors have opened, point at the driver in terror and shout “it’s him – he has returned!” before running off flapping your hands and gibbering.