Aug 262012
Olympic Pigeon

… because maybe the sight of Mo Farah breaking free to win the 10,000 metres as if he’d just looked up and seen the last through train to Lewisham pulling into Pudding Mill Lane (and had temporarily forgotten that Pudding Mill Lane was closed for the duration of the Games in case people tried to use it) struck a chord and, if it did, we’d love to know. [read more…]

Aug 072012

A wet back garden in Leyton on a Monday afternoon; all is still, before the roar. The plants wave their leaves to the wind, and the warmth of 80,000 cheers.

Jun 142012

In a trackside back garden grainy with dusk, somewhere between Dagenhams East and Heathway, a solitary fat boy steadies himself, uncloses his eyes, and shoots one final, match-winning basket.

Mar 102012
Over The Water

by Matt Haynes
It’s hard to believe that it’s over ten years now since I first found myself gazing out wistfully over the Ethelred Estate from the top floor of a house just off Lambeth Walk still part-owned by Lambeth Council and wondering why there seemed to be so many helicopters around these days. [read more…]

Jan 232012
Last Match of the Season

“Put the change in the jar, love,” he says, adding: “see you next season.” Then, leaving the Royal Cafe, he heads out into Leyton High Road, red replica shirt stretched tight across a stomach that’s now a heaving last-match mess of sausage, beans and fear. Come on you O’s…

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