Joan Byrne



Joan Byrne, a writer and photographer, lives in Peckham. Her documentary work on the streets of Peckham is showcased in Feckham Peckham, published through Blurb.

Hilary Mantel described one of Joan’s short stories as “an intriguing glimpse of lives colliding”. She was long-listed in the Willesden Short Story competition, and has written her first novel, which languishes.

Her poetry is more performed (Poetry Café, Peckham Literary Festival, Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle, the Republic Bar in Tasmania…) than published (Southbank Poetry, Early Works Press, Orbis). Joan has written features for publications here and in the U.S. (she lived in San Francisco for several years). She has won an award for a polemic on perfume.

But what she loves most is to write short fiction. With a kick in it.

Joan Byrne Snaps