Colin Tucker



Colin Tucker knocked about in theatre at first, then worked in radio before finding himself in television. He wrote a few radio plays and one for BBC 2 before becoming a script editor on Play For Today. After that he spent too long producing drama for both the BBC and ITV. This was followed by a much more enjoyable time teaching at the London Film School and the Munich Film School, as well as running screenwriting workshops throughout Europe.

Having done a Creative Writing MA at Royal Holloway, he’s now fighting his second novel, The Prince of Bad Ideas; “fighting because the thing won’t come right, though it will, it will. Prose is bloody difficult – there’s a discovery”. The story Leo was inspired by the life of the great Julian Maclaren-Ross, and is part homage and part farce spun off from the latter’s chaotic, hand-to-mouth lifestyle, “with apologies to his shade for the exaggerations and simplifications”.