Mar 012013

Andrzej Ryan

Here in Brompton Cemetery, there are signs which forbid off-path wandering. Brompton is neat and tidy and intends to stay that way. But a waterproof-wearing rebel is creeping amongst the stones; bearded and bespectacled, he is carefully taking rubbings from the headstones. There are dog-walkers, cyclists and a pair of old men having a row. Two young women walk purposefully down a side path:

“This is my grave. Well, not actually my grave. It’s my favourite, I always visit it.”

The Great Circle, at the cemetery’s centre, is separated from the rest by an elaborate promenade of columns. The memorials here are more impressive because this is where the notables are buried. Here in Brompton Cemetery, Death isn’t much of a leveller.

Photo by Stephen Burrows:

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