Aug 262012

Olympic Pigeon

… some pictures just don’t need captions, so instead we’ll take this opportunity to remind you about our book, From The Slopes Of Olympus To The Banks Of The Lea; because maybe the sight of Mo Farah breaking free to win the 10,000 metres as if he’d just looked up and seen the last through train to Lewisham pulling into Pudding Mill Lane (and had temporarily forgotten that Pudding Mill Lane was closed for the duration of the Games in case people tried to use it) struck a chord and, if it did, we’d love to know. Don’t forget, by the way, that the most recent contributions for this (and our other ongoing project, Night Bus To Camden) are listed over in the right-hand column, under New Book Projects!

The photo of the Olympic Pigeon was sent in by Phil Lenthall – sorry, this one won’t enlarge if you click on it!