Jul 182012

Girl: So, which way do we go?

Boy: [lugging case behind him] Look! There’s signs further up.

Girl: Oh, yes, the big pink si… [steeplechases up to them] Oh.

Boy: [shouting over] What’s the matter?

Girl: I don’t understand. How do we…?

Boy: How do we, what? Just see which way they are pointi… [catches up] Oh.

[they pause]

Girl: Maybe it’s like Harry Potter. You know, that bit where he goes to where he’s supposed to go and find platform 9¾, and it’s not there, but when he stands up really close to it, it suddenly is.

Boy: Or that bit at the beginning of Labyrinth where Sarah thinks she’s looking at this endless brick wall, but there’s actually a way through.

Girl: Then she finds David Bowie in those tight leggings.

[they pause]

Boy: Are you OK?

Girl: Erm, yes, just thinking about David Bowie in those leggings.

[they pause]

Girl: They’d be pretty good for the pole vault.

Chief Sports Reporter: Jude Rogers

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